Wean - So Many Other Things


Wean was found on the side of a Canberra road. Wean and her kitten siblings had been stuffed in a bag and thrown on a road with the intention of being run over. And they were, although Wean survived, got out of the bag, and pulled it to the side of the road, protecting her brothers and sisters. Not long after, Nurse Skye Longley from Brudine adopted her.

About a year later, on 16 February, 2018, Wean was brought in to the practice by Longley. Wean was very flat. She was so dehydrated that bloods could not be drawn to even begin diagnoising her. Fluids were delivered sub-cutaneously but Dr Charlie Webb said she was going to die if they didn't get more fluids into her, quickly. Webb then setup an intraosseous cannula via Wean's femur. It was the first time he'd attempted it. About 40 minutes later, bloods were able to be drawn although nothing conclusive was diagnosed. Longley wondered if she'd eaten something rotten or perhaps poison although that was never possible to confirm. Wean was given various drugs/antiobitoics but Dr Fiona Starr was concerned about Wean's ability to recover; she gave wean a 10% chance of survival and called Longley, studying Paramedicine/Nursing at the Australian Catholic University. She suggested Longley should come in, possibly to say goodbye.

The next day, Longley took Wean home instead. Wean recovered 80% at the practice and 100% over the next few days. It's possible Wean had sepsis but the antiobiotics, and Wean's tough character no doubt, helped her recover.